Course Syllabi

My Mercy College courses heavily utilize resources available at there such as Blackboard, OERs, Digication, and Library Resources. My Lincoln College of New England courses utilize resources available there such as Canvas and Library Resources.

Critical Inquiry students are given tutorials in person and online in how to use any form of technology needed in the course.  I do not expect them to have any prior knowledge of Mercy systems and other technology.  Junior Seminar students are expected to know how to navigate Blackboard and Library Databases from the start, however tutorials and help are available for them (either from myself, Mercy Online, the Center for Academic Excellence, or the Library). All students submit all work via Blackboard and are encouraged to upload all their work to a private Digication Portfolio so they have an archive of academic work. 


CINQ Honors Course Outline Spring 18 VACP


JRSM Spring 2017 Syllabus Coleman-Prisco-1

LCNE syllabi PSY210 Spring 2018